What is gamedog?

Gamedog is a spontaneous experiment of decentralized community construction. It is another meme token similar to dogecoin. All tokens are fully circulated and fairly distributed, aiming to create the most cohesive dog game community in the world. We sincerely invite developers and community builders from all over the world to join us to play different roles and create a game dog ecology together.

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0.000123456789 Supply
0.000123456789 Market Cap

About gamedog

Gamedog token is the original token of game dog ecology, with a total amount of 100000000000. Gamedog is the foundation and core of ecology.

Combustion mechanism

Each transaction burns 10%, of which 6% will flow back to the working capital pool, and 4% will be distributed according to the proportion of gamedog holdings for wealth redistribution.

Transfer restrictions

In order to maintain market balance, a single transfer (including buying and selling activities) shall not exceed 5,000,000,000,000 pieces.

About Gamepad

  • Gamepad (game handle) token is the token of game dog ecological governance, each game dog needs a game handle. It will have the right to vote for community governance in the game dog ecosystem, and it will receive gamedog token rewards from the governance fund.
  • Total amount: 72800
  • Distribution: it will make tokens and announce the distribution plan after the number of gamedog holders reaches 50000.
Gamedog bsc smart contract address: 0x99a3C114Fe6849B34C8fDc1a6DF7409f7E374031
Gamepad bsc pool address:To be created...

How to buy Gamedog?

A step by step guide on how to buy Gamedog Pancakeswap.